St Lucia October Event 2016

While you’re planning your St Lucia vacation in the summertime or during winter, the island promises to have a a event that you will love

The events hosted on the island range from billfish tournaments to holidays celebrating different types of flowers tourists and locals alike participate . As the year comes to an end, it is important to know what events are left.



Jounen Kwéyol ENTENASYONNAL October 28

(International Creole Day)

This day celebrates the French/African dialect widely spoken in Saint Lucia. Jounen Kwéyol celebrations are held on the Sunday closest to this date in four chosen communities this year. A mix of Creole (Kweyol) food, music, games and folklore come together to give this festival a unique flavour. Saint Lucians express their love of culture by donning traditional Madras wear in the week leading up to the events.

Local dishes and foods such as roast breadfruit, Green Fig and Salt Fish (The National Dish of Saint Lucia), plantain, king fish, Manicou (opossum), Souse (a soup made with pork and often cucumber), fried bake and floats, Accra (a fried dough which contains salt fish), Paime (otherwise known as Conkies) and a famous dish known as Bouillon (fish, chicken or meat stewed with dasheen, yams, plantains, banana and dumplings) Also local drinks such as Cocoa Tea, Golden Apple Juice, Guava Juice and more.

Jounen Kwéyòl aims to make the St. Lucian community aware of the strength and value of the Kwéyòl language, culture and to assist in the understanding and development of its rich cultural resources. On the The Friday prior to Jounen Kweyol, usually local businesses get into the spirit of the celebration by allowing staff members to dress up in the traditional colours. Be sure to keep a look out !

The four host communities for Creole Heritage Month/Jounen Kwéyòl 2016 and they are:
1. Gros Islet : in the North
2. Choiseul : in the South-West
3. Belle Vue : in the South-East
4. Jacmel : in the West


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