Tour St Lucia – Around The Island

First impressions as you go tour St Lucia reveal lush rainforests, gorgeous beaches and volcanic mountains that literally drop into the sea. Now it’s time to dive in and become closer acquainted with our little island.

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring and finding the hidden gems, learning the island history, culture, and really get to know the unique personality of St. Lucia. English, French, Amerindian and African heritages have shaped an interesting and colourful past. It is still evident today not only at historical sites and cultural centres but also in everyday life, in the cuisine, language, music and traditions.

Then of course, there’s the natural beauty of the island that you won’t forget. Much of St. Lucia is still undeveloped, and it is this natural tropical environment that is so alluring. Just around the corner are magical waterfalls, bright flowers, birds, plantations, beautiful botanical gardens, beaches and of course, breathtaking scenery.

Furthermore, with tourism being St. Lucia’s main economy, adventure activities have also become extremely popular, including horseback rid- ing, kayaking, zip lining, ATV tours, sailing, snorkeling and diving, all of which allow you to explore in exciting ways to suit you.

Whilst the vast majority of hotels are located in the north of the island, the scenic, cultural and adventure attractions are located all over. Hence however you choose to explore just go. See St. Lucia and take home the most special treasures of all your tales to tell and long lasting memories!

There is so much more to St. Lucia than first meets the eye. You must decide for yourself, and take a look as you travel around the island.

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