Taste The Lucian Vibe

As you travel around the island, you’ll notice just how many places there are to eat and drink in St Lucia. Exquisite five star resorts to humble rum shops and kabawés, which are popular little huts selling breakfast, lunch and sometimes and even dinner. Our island flavours include traditionally tropical staples and spicy Creole influences from St Lucia’s fascinating past.So be adventurous and savour some of the unique tastes on offer.


Bananas [fig]

st lucia banana farmer

Whether it’s the national dish of ” Saltfish and Green Fig,’ baked into a delicious cake or unzipped and eaten as nature intended, bananas are synonymous with St Lucia. Despite a decline in exportation of the “green gold” that brought the island prosperity in the years after independence. Boiled when not yet ripe, bananas have a starchy consistency and mild flavour like potato, so are perfect when paired with salted cod, an historical staple at sea and on plantations in the past.


coconuts st lucia

Ahhh, the tree of life, providing everything from pure, healthy oil to better-than-H20 water and every delicious stage between. Check out the coconut vendors scattered around the island, and for a couple dollars you can drink a nut the way locals do or with a straw if you prefer. Fresh, thirst quenching and very good for everything from skin to digestion. Of course, if it’s the sweet side of coconuts and desserts and cocktails and candies, enough to turn you into a coco-expert.

Ground Provisions

st lucia ground provisions

You are likely to find “ground provisions” on the menu when you visit St Lucia, whether you’re eating at a local cafe or fine-dining at a resort. Ground provisions are a variety of root vegetables and tubers such as sweet potato, yam, dasheen and tania, which are popular when stemmed or boiled and served as side dish with West Indian cuisine.


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